Common Sense About Sunglasses Maintenance

Sunglasses also called sunshade mirror (or dark glasses) generally have prevent ultraviolet light, and glare, and other functions, Yang mirror was originally used as a shading. Can alleviate eye fatigue and light stimulates the damage of, belongs to the category of personal eye protection equipment. Now, with Oakley Sunglasses on exterior design of rising, sunglasses already has become a fashion wind, individual character style elements and combining the sun picture frame, let more a person fondle admiringly.
Sunglasses can be divided into many types, according to the function USES to points. Such as ordinary sunglasses, adornment sunglasses, driver, sunglasses, and so on. Different types of sunglasses to ultraviolet ray, strong light, glare protective role is endless also and same, of which is more polarized sunglasses consumer welcome, especially the driver friend, choose a polarized sunglasses often can have better and more clearly and more health field of vision. However, many wearing sunglasses friends are all too along with the gender, for the maintenance of the sunglasses do not pay attention to. But little imagine, maintain good sunglasses can not only extend the use time of sunglasses, also can better ensure sunglasses eyes protection.

The maintenance and common glasses sunglasses to maintain the same, in general. Regular cleaning, correct storage to form good habits. Because sunglasses uncertain time cleaning, frame is easy to accumulate dirt quality, wipe or paper is not the correct nails to dig it, easy scratches sunglasses products. Secondly, a lot of friends in need not wearing sunglasses, often with the sunglasses hanging in his head, neck, and pocket, or car seat on the desk, handbag, and so on, these are easy to store way bruises, or damaged sunglasses, experts suggest sunglasses store in the best corresponding glasses box or not easy damp drawer.The most important is whether stored in where, in addition. Put the sunglasses is certain to mirror up, this can better protect the lens. Do these things is not difficult, all
is easy, difficult to develop good wearing habits, to the eyes of the best protection.

Sunglasses maintenance correct common sense:
Please both hands captures mirror feet, 1. Wear to pick the glasses. Is outward and took off, one hand side wear pick glasses, easy to cause the deformation, loose phenomenon.
Lens up and placed in special bag, 2. Need not when with the mirror a cloth. Take precautions against lens and picture frame is good thing scratch.
Garnish with a soft cloth blot. 3. The picture frame or lens was infected with dust and sweat, oil, cosmetics, etc. Please use neutral detergent warm water to clean.
4. Banned long time to touch water, bubble water and placed in a fixed place by the sun; Banned long time at current, metal edge.
5. When the lens to fold the left foot mirror, please.
To use, frames distortion, prolapse. Can cause lens definition affected, please come to club shop for free adjustment.
This is normal. But with frame can be adjusted to the club shop. 7. Plank sunglass use period of time may have a slight deformation.

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