Which Type of Oakley Sunglasses are Best for Sports?

If you are, the previous suggestion of the Half Jacket or M Frame (there is NO SUCH THING as a "half m-frame") are going to be your best and most economical bet. However, the half jacket and the m-frame are 20 year old designs and look and indeed are very dated. There aren’t that many lens options for them any more.

The most commonly used Oakley Sunglasses in baseball are the Flak Jacket and the Radar. The flak jacket comes in a regular lens shape and an "XLJ" which has a higher cheekbone cutout if you have higher cheekbones. The radar comes in 3 different lens configs- the Pitch, Path, and Range. ALl 3 lenses are shaped differently and offer different coverage.

The flak and the radar both come in many different colors and you can customize them on the website to match your school’s uniforms.. There are also MLB versions. The flaks and radars are better than the half-jackets and m-frames b/e there is substantially more frame material and more unobtanium. Unobtanium is the rubber that made Oakley famous as a motorcycle grip manufacturer back in the mid 1970’s. This rubber gets more "grippy" as you sweat. This keeps the glasses from flying off of your head.

As for lens colors, I’d go with a black iridium if you black in a lot of bright sunny conditions. For cloudy days, I would have an extra (there’s a slot for extra lenses in both the flak jacket and radar cases) High Intensity Yellow lens. This enhances contrast and also works EXCELLENT if you play under the lights.

Unfortunately, being such an old design the M Frames and Half Jackets have much fewer lens choices. However, you can get a pair of M Frames for about $80 in the DE case at your Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Outlet store.

I have M -frames, Radars and Flaks and I prefer the Flaks for baseball/softball and the radar for bicycling. The M-Frames I use as safety glasses or when I shoot.

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